I've been through it all.  Debilitating acne.  Massive hair loss.  Aging skin.  Chronic candida.  Digestion issues.  Constipation.  Headaches.  Fatigue.  Anxiety.  PCOS.  3 Miscarriages - and then 3 Heart Attacks.

So I went back to school to study Naturopathic Medicine so that I could discover how to balance my mind and body from the inside out so that I could live the life of my dreams.  And I did it.

I have since worked with thousands of patients to help them transform their health, their self-confidence and help them cultivate true beauty from the inside out.

And now I want to help you uncover the health and beauty that you are dreaming of so that you can live the life of your dreams.  Let's do it!

There is always a reason why you have acne...

Which means there is ALWAYS a solution.

You do NOT have to live with acne OR any health issue.

You CAN have glowing, clear skin.

Why work with me to clear your skin...

Naturopathic Beauty's Clear Skin Recipe Collection


- 95 Recipes

- 2-week Meal Plan

- Daily Food and Symptom Journal

Month 1

Month 2


Meet Dr. Stacey Shillington ND

I live and practice in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and two boys. If you want to know more about me follow me on Facebook and Instagram and check out my website at www.naturopathicbeauty.com.